24 x Hospitality Candles -Lemon & Basil (Bulk)

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Set of 24 candles per box

World's most effective natural non-toxic fly and mosquito repellent candle.

Delightfully fragranced. Natural fly and mosquito repellent candle. Safe for use around food, children and pets.

Perfect for any entertaining event.

Unit Measurements:  70g wax | Dimensions 6cm x 6cm x6cm

Candle Fragrance: Lemon & Basil
Burn Time: 10-12 Hours per candle
Active Ingredient: Natural Lapa Oil 35g/kg
Features: Fragranced fly and mosquito repellent glass candle 

Fever Tree Candles Fragrance Notes: Lemon & Basil
A bouquet of roses is offset by subtle hints of lemon. The sweet and tart notes open to reveal clean basil and lemongrass that develop to a zenith of freshness and end in a whisper of earthy aromas, tonka and a warming musk.
A beautiful perfume marrying sweetness and acidity in a union of subtlety, grounded in a powerful oak finish.
Top: Rose, lavender and subtle hints of fresh lemon
Mid: Fresh basil, lemongrass and orange blossom
Base: Tonka, musk and earthy aromas