About Us

Fever-Tree offers everyone a pleasant and non-toxic experience while effectively repelling insects, creating a clear path to safe natural alternatives.

The Fever Tree Myth: The first colonists who ventured across Africa often camped under the beautiful canopied trees along river banks and other bodies of water. Often they fell victim to a deadly fever and so began to associate these lovely trees with the disease. Hence the myth of the Fever Tree. What they did not know was that mosquitoes breed near pools of water and the disease that befell them was malaria.

The Fever-Tree Promise: The Indigenous people of Africa knew something the colonists did not. A plant existed that had mosquito repelling properties. Using this natural oil, the local people ensured that the mosquitoes were driven away and that they were safe from the uncomfortable bites and the disease that was carried.

The Fever-Tree candle harnesses this natural, indigenous South African oil to help ensure peace of mind against the irritation and potential harm that flies and mosquitoes bring.

By combining fragrances with the indigenous oil, The Fever-Tree candle offers you the best of both worlds - delightful fragrance with fly and mosquito repellency.

Fever-Tree Enterprise Creation: Incorporating community based production facilities into our value chain expands economic development where it is needed most.

Benefit Sharing: Fever-Tree is proud to be a key contributor towards the Traditional Healers Committee’s benefit sharing agreement. Under the access and benefits-sharing regulations, it is possible to support the indigenous knowledge custodians involved in the discovery of the novel mosquito repellent. With the sale of each Fever-Tree product a contribution will always be made towards the Bioprospecting Trust Fund.