6 x Fly & Mosquito Repellent Candles - Vanilla (Bulk)

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Set of 6 candles per box.

Delightfully fragranced. Natural fly and mosquito repellent candle. Safe for use around food, children and pets.
Perfect for camping and outdoor gatherings.

SABS tested formulation & 2 x more effective than citronella.

Weight: 230g per candle
Burn Time: 30 Hours per candle
Active Ingredient: Natural Lapa Oil 25g/kg

Fever Tree Candles Fragrance Notes: Vanilla
The structured nuttiness, reminding of sweet almond, canopies tonka and hawthorn to form the root of this scent. Pungent vanilla covers the branches and stretches up to envelope surroundings in a soothing scent of comfort. Finally the orchid at the top of the branches can bloom in a subtle whisper of tranquility.
Top: tonka, hawthorn, almond
Mid: vanilla
Base: orchid