6 x Fly & Mosquito Repellent Candles - Herbal (Bulk)

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Set of 6 candles per box.

Delightfully fragranced. Natural fly and mosquito repellent candle. Safe for use around food, children and pets.
Perfect for camping and outdoor gatherings.

SABS tested formulation & 2 x more effective than citronella.

Weight: 230g per candle
Burn Time: 30 Hours per candle
Active Ingredient: Natural Lapa Oil 25g/kg

Fever Tree Candles Fragrance Notes: Herbal
Sweet smoky chamomile and lavender line the entrance to a forest to reveal lemon verbena, lime, freshly cut grass and mint before all greenery disappears to reveal a strong amber and musk. A stroll through a forest of freshness and earthiness.
Top: chamomile, lavender
Mid: lemon verbena, lime, mint, freshly cut grass
Base: musk, amber